Call Centre Solutions

The first thing you need to do before thinking about a Call Centre Solutions is to check if the capabilities are there from the local telephone company. One has to think volume of calls, incoming and outgoing. If it’s not set up properly in the first place and the chance of losing customers due to inefficient telephone lines, internet and fax lines then what is the point. Once the local telephone company has done the basic ground it is then over to you.

South Africa has a pretty good telecommunication setup and is ranked at 23rd in the developed world. There is a mixture of technology mostly digital technology with microwave and fibre optical being the main means of connection of all major metropolitan centres.

Call Centre Solutions

Call Centre Solutions
One of the simplest ways is to apply for a 0800 telephone number; this can be available in maximum period of 30 days via a “host” company. There are several available and their fees are economical and customized to suit.

The interior handling of your lines could be done via a PBX system with amazing features at incredible value for money. It is a software based item and can be run in tandem with very own computer network. With this marriage of software’s cabling is cut down to a minimum, hardware and onsite programming. It is user friendly and can be easily self managed for any daily changes that may be necessary.

This PBX system would suit medium to the large company and allows for many individual requirements. The more complicated changes such as expansion or adding users, changes as well as upgrades can be sorted out via the simple web-based interface.

Facilities such as the voice over IP (Internet Protocol) or (VoIP) technology can be ready to connect outgoing calls to a ready service. This system is perfect for once of campaigns, established call centres and up and coming.

It is easily possible for this system to be integrated with current customer management systems, therefore adding improvements.

Queue and agent reporting software is easily provided and adapted as necessary. For more information on Call Centre Solutions